Walkway & Cable Management

To ensure safe access to your roof as well as keeping your cables properly managed. RRACKS™ provides a wide range of walkways and cable management components. All these components are specially designed for simple and safe installation and can work with the other products of the RRACKS™ range. We also have also integrated attachments for a Lifeline anchor to ensure safe maintenance operations and cleaning of your solar installation.

Aluminium Walkway

The RRACKS™ aluminium walkway is made from our 5000 series aluminium to prevent corrosion and to ensure your roof won’t have any rust problems due to weather and time. Our aluminium walkway is engineered to Australian standards and is much lighter than steel walkways for easy movement around job sites and efficient installation in any configuration.

Fiber-Glass Reinforced Plastic Walkway

Our Fiber-Glass Reinforced Plastic walkway can be fitted to the RRACKS™ standard aluminium rail. It is light enough to be moved around and installed with ease in all the different configurations. Its plastic material won’t rust so it will preserve the integrity of your roof. Select this option as a more affordable solution to our RRACKS™ aluminium walkway.


The RRACKS™ Cable Ladder System is produced from our 80μm hot dipped galvanized steel. This sturdy cable ladder system is adaptable to all your different cabling needs, is sized to meet all industry standards and is strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions for many years.

Produced from ZAM galvanized steel, your cable trays are built to keep your cables organised for years. ZAM steel is twice as rust resistant as standard galvanized steel giving you the confidence you need for all your PV Solar installations.

For consultation and advice on the best cable tray system for your PV solar system needs, please call us.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray

The Wire Mesh Cable Tray is produced from ASTM A510 high-strength steel wire. The design of the cable tray is adaptable with all cabling requirements and is sized and finished to match industry standards with more loading capability. The Wire Basket System provides the necessary cable support while allowing unmatched field installation adaptability.

For consultation and advice on the best cable management with PV solar system, please call us.